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    Check our suggestions targeted , practical solution to know the most popular magazines according to your type of business. Health professionals , dealers , beauty salons , we have magazines that interest you.

  • chezsoi


    The most beautiful discoveries in decoration and home.

  • clin


    Nod your fashion accomplice to shine every day ! Affordable shopping, beauty tips, style advice : our pages are full of tips to be well lookée ... without breaking the bank and lit reports show you trends.

  • idm


    The ideas of my house reflects the major trends in decorating time .
    Through renowned designers , he passes on his knowledge and ideas
    to inspire readers the desire to personally invest in their interior decoration.

  • inspiration


    Business to current events through sports and family, all your interests and those of your customers will be covered in Presse Commerce . You have difficulty making your selection ? Discover our magazine categories.

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    A minimum handling fee of $1.75 per delivery will be charged. Shipping costs are in turn determined by the place of delivery and could actually result in additional costs.

  • Payment

    You can pay your subscription by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) , as well as by check or money order. Minimum annual purchase required: $195.

  • Customer service

    Phone : 514-333-6136 or toll 1-800-391-3707.
    Opening hours are 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Who we are?

About Presse Commerce Subscription

Presse Commerce is a unique magazine distribution service. By handling unsold copies of magazines distributed in retail outlets, Presse Commerce can offer the best and newest publications at low cost.

Our magazine subscription service allows you to create a fully customized selection of magazines that will undoubtedly please your clientele while enhancing your corporate image.

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