Magazine Displays

Presse Commerce’s team offers the launching of its own collection of displays, a collection designed to simplify your life while being aesthetic, practical and affordable. With their contemporary and accessible look, our displays are made of sustainable materials and are the perfect complement to your environment.

Show your clients how important they really are to you by emphasizing the selection of magazine available to them.


Toundra (plexiglas)


Its plexiglas composition makes it a true chameleon which suits well any decor. Furthermore, at minimal cost, this display accentuates your magazines’ accessibility with its four sections, allowing it to support a large number of publications.
No assembly necessary.
Price: 44$*
Size: H.11’’ x W.9’’ x D.6.5’’ - H.27.6cm x W.22.9cm x D.15.9cm
Number of sections: 4