Vehicle enthusiasts of all types will love this magazine category. Beginners and experts alike will learn more about cars, motorcycles and all terrain vehicles!

Computer & Electronics

You will find in these publications all information about new software, new games and new technology enabling your customers to be on the lookout for the latest in the IT domain.

Decoration, Renovation & Gardening

If you wish to renovate, decorate or accessorize, publications in this category will give you the latest decoration trends.

Food & Recipes

Cooking is very fashionable at the moment and magazine on the topic are hot. More and more, people want to discover new flavors. You can therefore offer your customers culinary tips as well as ideas to diversify their meals and to hold great dinner parties. 

General Interest

Do you have a hard time identifying your clientele’s magazine preferences? This category offers a diversity of magazines on different topics which will be sure to cover all your customer’s different tastes.    

Health & Exercise

Man or woman, everyone has their own health concerns. Is your waiting room in a medical clinic? Why not put your patients on the right path? These magazines have a sensible approach to nutrition, exercise, well being and weight loss.

Men’s Interest

Here, you’ll find art, technology, sports, cars, women, etc., with a touch of masculinity which will appeal to men of all ages.

News & Business

Your customers like being well informed? Entertain them with magazines that address national and international news, business, finance, science and technology.


With the recent birth upsurge, no doubt that many parents will be looking for practical advice on education, health, nutrition and more!  In these magazines, you will find the most frequently asked questions in addition of suggestions for family recreational activities.

Science & Nature

 Travel, history, technology, scientific projects, environment and a multitude of other subjects accompanied by images and captivating stories.


Physical activity fans? Keep your customers’ adrenaline flowing by offering them magazines on hunting, fishing, skateboarding, cycling, snowboarding and skiing.

Women’s Interest

In these magazines, topics include finance, health, recreation, work, family relations, fashion, etc., as seen by women. These magazines will suit all tastes and lifestyles.


Games, comics, experiments and magic tricks! From toddlers to adolescents, we have the magazines you need to motivate kids and encourage them to read.